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Building regulations

Brayford Designs will help take all your stress away by taking charge of all the procedure related to your construction or renovation project. We produce all your building permit and preliminary declaration files based on your plans and all the necessary elements you send us. We also provide you with all the elements you need to ensure that your new construction or work on existing projects takes place in the best possible conditions.

By calling on us, you are assured of having:

A complete file of professional quality :

We produce a complete file in accordance with the legal administrative obligations according to the regulations in force at the time of our service. Our experience allows us to offer you a professional quality file presenting your project according to the agreed standards and meeting the expectations of the urban planning services in order to maximize the chances of validation of your project.

A quick completion and therefore a filing as soon as possible :

We will prepare your file as soon as possible in order to save you time in your administrative procedures. You can focus on the rest. By facilitating the validation of your file, you reduce all the delays related to your construction project (validation, recourse of third parties, start of the construction site…).  As applications for building permits or prior declarations may vary according to the projects and districts, itis important to take into account all the urban planning regulations that apply in your case from the outset.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions and contact the town hall to obtain all the necessary information prior to the completion of your file.

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